Food for Thought for Scientists


Dear ladies and gentlemen:


I would like to draw here the following questions, problems, and objections to your attention. They have to do with the universe, life on earth, the mammoth fauna, C14-dating, Islam, worship of Mother Mary, the Shroud of Turin, the Torah, and the Tower of Babel. I am sure that each person, whom I meet during my life, is superior to me in some way. Because he knows more, than I do, at least in some fields. I still have much to learn. And I still make many mistakes. That is why I am able, to learn from every person, also from you. May I ask you, to help me with the following matter, if your time does permit this? I have studied the following questions. How would you answer them, if I may ask you:


About myself: I am no creationist, and I have nothing to do with the creationist movement, because the creationists in America meddle in politics. They try, for example, to force the government to allow them to teach creation in school. - But we should also ask ourselves: Is the theory of evolution a science or a religion? What do you think? This has nothing to do whatsoever with any religious or political organization. I also do not want to earn any money with it. I am only interested here in scientific facts. The word "creationist" comes from "creation". It means that the true God has made it.


The Universe


Why is there a universe, with its atoms, solar systems and galaxies, with their temporal and spatial order? Why have they arisen? Why are they preserved? Why does each type of atom in the universe have exactly the same size, weight and structure? Why is the language of physics mathematical? Who has thought out mathematics? Has man thought out mathematics? If so, why, then, does the universe, already some 12 billion years ago, when it began, contain highest mathematics? Why does the universe have a beginning? Does the universe, with its solar systems and galaxies, contain intelligent design? If so: why? From where has this intelligent design come? Why is there something, instead of nothing? What do you think?


The structure and size of the atoms changes constantly with its energy state. That is true. But they all do this in exactly the same way, using the same physical laws, the same mathematical language, throughout the universe. The atoms are all exactly the same at the number of their protons ( positive charge ) and their electrons (negative charge) throughout the universe. Why? A physical law, a mathematical language is something spiritual, non material. It always has its source in a spiritual, non material world. In other words: matter, a material thing is materialized, realized information.


Is it true that the beginning of the universe has no cause? Has the universe arisen through chance, through a lucky coincidence? Has the order of the universe arisen by itself out of chaos? Do information and mathematics exist only in the human mind? Can a code ( like the Morse code, binary code and DNA-code ) arise by itself through chance? Have the physical laws and natural constants come into being by themselves? Has the spatial and temporal order of the universe arisen through chance? And has the spatial and temporal order of the universe been preserved until now through a lucky coincidence? Can the temporal and spatial order of the universe arise and be preserved through information travelling with the speed of light?


Life on Earth


Has all life on earth evolved by itself from the first living cell in a primordial chemical soup? Does inorganic matter itself contain already within itself the upward drive toward life? Must life always arise by itself, where there are conditions, like those on our Planet? Has .Stanley L. .Miller proved through his chemical experiments that life on earth has evolved by itself from inorganic matter in a primordial chemical soup? Do 100 per cent pure left winding amino acids and 100 per cent right winding nucleic acids, as life needs them, arise by themselves in a chemical soup or through lightning strokes? Will 100 per cent pure amino acids, with exactly two sticking spots, as life needs them ( when protein is made ), arise in a chemical soup?


Can genetic information arise by itself, through chance? Is the new Darwin theory of evolution the best explanation about the origin of life, which we now have? Has .Charles .Darwin proved that all life on earth has evolved from a common ancestor, from the first primitive ancestral cell, through chance mutation and selection, through the survival of the fittest? Does the fossil record prove that all life on earth has evolved from the first primitive one cell organism? Are the oldest cells in the oldest sediments of the Early Precambrian Time the most primitive cells? Is there a transition between inorganic matter and the first living cell? Does every intelligent person believe now in the theory of evolution?


Why is there life on earth, with its one cell organisms, plants, animals, and human beings? Has life on earth evolved by itself through chance from inorganic matter in a primordial chemical soup? Life on earth is based on the genetic code, the DNA-code. Why has this language of life come into being? Can a code or language arise through chance, through some lucky coincidence? If not, why, then, has it arisen? What do the scientific ( observational and experimental ) facts now show us? What kind of a letter is this: P? The English speaking person will say: This is of course a P ( like in .Peter). The Russian will say: No, you are all wrong: That is no P at all. That is an R ( like in .Rudolph). Who is right? Both of them are right. Why? Is the meaning contained in the letter or sign itself, in the printer’s ink? If not, then where? Do the living creatures, the one cell organisms, plants, animals, and human beings contain intelligent design? If so: why? From where has this intelligent design come? What do you think?


The Mammoth Fauna


Has the mammoth ( a hairy elephant ) lived in the Far North also during the height of the Last Ice Age, hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle? Has the mammoth lived in ice and snow, just like the reindeer and the musk ox of today? Was this elephant adapted to arctic cold? Would this giant have found enough to eat and to drink in northern Siberia, Alaska and the Yukon during the long arctic winter? Would this elephant have found enough to drink during the long arctic winter, when a thick layer of ice was covering rivers and lakes? Could the mammoth have eaten then snow instead, just like the reindeer and the musk ox of today? Is an arctic plant-cover able, to feed herds of elephants, rhinoceros, bison and horses? Which is the largest wild cat, which is able to live now as a resident in an arctic climate, on the arctic forest-tundra? Is the residential lion, raising cubs, able to live on an arctic plant-cover? Would the residential lion find enough to eat on the arctic steppe-tundra? Could so many animals have lived then up there in an arctic climate? Has the mammoth died out, because the dry arctic steppe has changed into the wet arctic tundra of today? If so, why have also the mammoths in the south, living on zonal steppe and forest-steppe of Siberia and North America, also died out then? What do you think?




The time-scale of the ice-age experts studying the mammoth fauna is based mainly on C14-dates. How reliable are these C14-dates. Do the C14-dates from the bones of a woolly mammoth show us, when this animal has lived? How reliable is the time-scale of palaeontologists, based on C14-dates and tree-rings? When will a C14-date give us a true date and when not? Are there also reliable C14-Dates from samples of the woolly mammoth? That is: are there also remains of woolly mammoths and other Late Pleistocene mammals, which have not been changed, which have not been contaminated, which still contain their original set of Carbon atoms? That is: are there any remains of Late Pleistocene mammals, out of whose bones and soft tissue no original carbon atoms have leached out, and into which no foreign carbon atoms have seeped in from outside, from the groundwater? What does the best-preserved, deep-frozen body of a woolly mammoth show us, which they have found until now, that of the mammoth calf Dima? What do you think?




Is Islam the true religion? Has it come from the true God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth? Is Muhammad a true Prophet? Is he a prophet of the true God? Is the Qur’an ( Koran ) the inspired Word of the true God? Does the true God have a Son? Is Islam a peaceful religion? Will militant Islam finally rule the whole world? Will all persons on earth finally have to become Muslims, ruled by the Islamic law, the Sharia, if they want to stay alive? What do you think?


Worship of Mother Mary


Is the worship of Mother Mary in the Roman Catholic Church and Russian Orthodox Church as “ Queen of Heaven ” based on the Bible? Who is this person, which appears to her followers at the world’s largest places of pilgrimage, like at Lourdes and Guadalupe? Is this really Mary, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth? Is she the “ Mother of God ”? Who performs the miracles at these places of pilgrimage? What have scientists found out now about the picture of the Mary of Guadalupe? How has the picture of “ Mary of Guadalupe ” gotten onto the mantle of the Indian, to whom she appeared? Is this picture a painting or a photograph? Which scientific knowledge and technical know-how were needed then, to make this impression (picture, photograph) on the mantle of the American Indian, to whom “ Mary of Guadalupe” had appeared? Does the true God approve of this worship of Mother Mary? Does the true God want people to worship Mary?


Shroud of Turin


The Shroud of Turin in northern Italy: what have scientists found out now about this? Who is this person on the shroud of Turin? Is it really Jesus Christ? How has this picture gotten onto this cloth? Is it a painting or a photograph? Who has made it? Which scientific knowledge and technical know-how were needed then, to make this picture of “Jesus Christ” on the Shroud of Turin? Does the true God want people to worship the “ Shroud of Turin ”? What do you think?


The Torah


Does the Torah, the Old Testament: foretell the coming of the true Messiah? If so: when shall he come, according to the prophecies in the Old Testament? How will we be able to recognize him? Who is the true Messiah? Has he come already or must we still wait for him? Does the true God have a Son? What does the Torah, the Old Testament, say about this? What do you think?


The Tower of Babel


In first book of the Bible, in Genesis 11:1-9, we read: Shortly after the global Flood of Noah’s days, the people in the Plains of Shinar ( Mesopotamia, now Iraq ) began to build a large tower, ( a staged tower ) the Tower of Babel. Then the true God confused their speech, so that they were not able anymore to understand each other. So the people in Babylon began to wander away and to spread out across the whole globe: from the Middle East to Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia. The different groups were not able now anymore, to understand each other, but they still had their old Babylonian religion, with the same teachings, beliefs ( creeds ) and written symbols. Is this Biblical account in Genesis 11:1-9 just a pious myth, a fairy tale, or a historical fact? What does new archaeological research now show us? What do you think?


The Empire of Evil


Who or what is now the “ Empire of Evil ”? Do we find it only in a certain part of the world, or does it cover the whole world? Who is its highest ruler? The Empire of Evil wants to conquer the whole world. It wants to enforce its will upon every person, who is living now on this earth, if necessary by force. What do the Illuminists ( the enlightened ones ) and international bankers have to do with it? Who will be able to free mankind from this Empire of Evil?


Why has World War I (1914-1918) begun? Who has started it? Why have millions of innocent persons had to die in this absurd war? Has anyone also earned any money from this war? Why has the Great Depression begun after the First World War, which ruined the lives of so many persons? Has that just been an accident?


Who has removed the Russian Czar (emperor) after World War I from his throne ? Why have the Communists been able to come to power in Russia in 1917?  Perhaps, because the enslaved Russian people wanted to be free at last, because they also wanted to live in human dignity, and not just as the illiterate baptized property of their rich masters, who could buy and sell them, just like cattle? Who has financed the Bolshevist revolution? And who has kept it going until its end?


Who has financed the rise of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin? Who helped them, to build up their arms-factories, so that they would be able to wage World War II (1939-45) ? Why has Adolf Hitler persecuted and killed millions of innocent Jews? Why was there this controversy between Adolf Hitler and the Zionists?


Why has America lost its war in Vietnam? From where have the Viet-Cong gotten their supplies, their weapons? Why has the American president not allowed his armed forces, to move also into North Vietnam, to destroy the communists? Because he did not want to provoke the Chinese? Was that the real reason? Or was there more behind this?


Why has World War III begun now in the Middle East and the rest of the world, between the Israelis and the Arabs? How has the “ Palestine refugee problem ” arisen? Why has it arisen? Why have millions of Jews been able to leave the Soviet Union, to settle in Palestine, while most other persons were not allowed to leave the Soviet Union? Who has organized and financed this global exodus of Jews into the Holy Land? Who or what is really behind this? How will this controversy finally end? Who will be able to solve it?


Usually, a country, which begins to start a war, must first borrow a large sum of money from foreign money lenders. And for this money it will have to pay then a certain amount of interest per year. At first, each country was only able to have as much paper-money, as it was able to cover by its gold reserves. Then the foreign international bankers changed their methods, because they wanted to earn still more money. Now they loaned money to the country, which was not covered anymore by gold reserves, by just printing new bank notes, so that they would be able to finance their war. The amount of foreign credit was now limited only by the amount of money, which the country wanted to borrow. Why have most nations in the world now borrowed large sums of money from foreign international bankers? What have they gone into this trap? Will they ever be able to free themselves again from this huge burden of international debt? What have experts found out about this?


I am completely neutral toward all political controversies. Through my scientific research reports I want to find the scientific facts, the truth, in natural science and religion. I do not earn any money with this. This is completely non-commercial. You will be able to find out more about this in my new homepage, with new and updated research reports.



Hans Krause