We are surrounded on our planet earth by life in its many forms: by one-celled organisms, by plants, animals, and human beings. Why is there something, rather than nothing? Everything in physics has a cause. So we must ask ourselves: Why is there life on earth? How has it arisen? Why has it arisen? - In the sediments of the young earth, in early Precambrian Time, some 3.5-3.800 million years old, one has found the remains of one-celled organisms, of living cells. How have they come into being?


Some people do believe now: The first living cell on earth arose by itself in a primordial chemical soup, from inorganic matter. And from this first living cell all the other types of living beings have evolved then: the plants, the lower animals, the apes, and finally mankind itself. They do believe that all life on earth has a common ancestor: the first living cell. They are convinced that their belief is scientific, that it is based on scientific facts.


Here we should ask ourselves: Is the theory of evolution still open to question among serious scientists? Is it really scientific? Are the arguments of today's evolutionists logical? On which assumptions do they base their arguments? What kind of logic do they employ in the kind of assumptions they make? Is the hypothesis of evolution science? Is it true? Is the belief in creation false? Do the evolutionists have any right, to set up the rules of arguments? Do they have any right, to forbid the use of negative arguments? Do they have any right, to set up rules of procedures that preclude opposing points of view? If so, from where do they have this right?


Can Darwin's hypothesis of evolution be proved or disproved? What observational and experimental proof is there? Are there contradictions in their belief? Does the hypothesis of evolution have at least one practical, reproducible example (from experiment and observation)? Can it be tested? Is it really based on experimental and observational proof? Is the theory of evolution (of neo-Darwinism) as now commonly taught, science or religion? - I would like to mention here at the beginning that I am not a creationist. I have nothing to do with the creationist movement. The Cell - Its Cause is absolutely neutral towards all political controversies. It has nothing to do whatsoever with any religious organization. I myself only am responsible for its contents.